Preparing Your Home for Spring (and Beyond)

by | Feb 28, 2018

Spring is finally coming, in fits and starts. Sure, we still might get an arctic blast or two before the end of March—this is Michigan, after all—but the overall warming trend appears to be heading in the right direction.

Now that the worst of winter is behind us, it’s time to take a step back and evaluate how well your home performed. Ask yourself:

  • Did my heating bill swell moderately, like a gently rolling hill? Or just upward like a majestic mountain peak?
  • Did my house heat mostly evenly? Or were some rooms (or even parts of certain rooms) freezing while others were sweltering? Notice any chilly drafts?
  • Were massive icicles hanging from the underside of the roof like daggers?
  • Were walls and windows cold or even damp to the touch?
  • Any attic leaks? Frozen pipes? Other problems associated with cold temperatures or ice and snow buildup?

If you noticed any of these problems this winter—or maybe several of them—it’s a good bet that your house is poorly insulated.

And because spring is so short in this part of the country, it won’t be long before that bad insulation is making it either impossible or expense (or both) to keep your house cool enough during the summer months.

You want to upgrade your insulation before that happens, so it’s never too early to put in a call to RetroFoam of Southwest Michigan. (Our schedule fills up fast once the weather gets nice!) We offer free, no-obligation estimates on the cost to upgrade your insulation.

Our signature product, RetroFoam, can be applied to most homes in a single day without tearing out any drywall or making any mess. The insulation performance of RetroFoam significantly exceeds fiberglass batting, and is among the best foam insulation products money can buy. (If you’re also re-roofing or remodeling, we can use those foam products as well.)

You’ll also want to take care of some regular spring maintenance, as well as employ some other simple insulation tricks that can help boost your home’s performance in winter and summer temperatures. For example:

  • Changing your furnace filter
  • Checking all air filters and ducts
  • Cleaning out your gutters
  • Replacing old or broken windows with energy-efficient updates
  • Installing draft stoppers underneath exterior doors or around window frames.
  • Installing heavy curtains in front of windows

First things first, though—give us a call and we’ll come take a look! You can reach us at (269) 751-2000, or complete our contact form online.