Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

by | Oct 4, 2017

The last few Great Lakes winters have been pretty mild—at least by our usual standards. However, with ocean temperatures cooling rapidly this fall and La Nina in the forecast, we might be paying it all back this year.

Is your home ready for the brutal reality of a Michigan or Indiana winter? Or are you already bracing yourself for drafts so cold you can almost see the snow blowing into your home from under the doorways and through the walls?

Of course, there are lots of simple DIY projects you can pursue to help stanch a few of the significant sources of heat loss. Put in the storm windows. Change your furnace filters. Search for simple leaks and caulk them up. Even reversing the direction of your ceiling fans can help keep your living spaces warmer. A simple Google search will reveal these and plenty of other winterization tips and tricks, and they’re definitely worth doing for just about any home, regardless of age or update status.

But the truth is, if your home is poorly insulated, there’s only so much you can do. Cheap fiberglass batting—especially if it’s old or wasn’t properly installed—just isn’t going to cut it for the worst that winter can throw at you. And “no insulation” is even worse than “poor insulation.” In fact, Michigan did not require exterior walls in new construction to be insulated until 1970, so if you have an older home you may not have any insulation at all!

If you’ve got a drafty home and you’re not looking forward to freezing interiors or spending hundreds on heating costs (or both), we have a solution. Don’t worry—you won’t even have to rip out your walls to get it! Our RetroFoam product is the perfect tool to winterize a home in a hurry, with minimal fuss. In most cases, the insulating foam can be injected from outside the home, through a small hole in the exterior wall, and takes less than a day (or maybe two) to complete. Better yet, RetroFoam acts as a much better insulator than fiberglass, and is non-flammable, environmentally friendly, and sound-dampening, too!

Don’t wait until the first big chill or heavy snow and then suffer through a drafty, bitter winter! Save yourself a lot of stress, keep your home warm and cozy, and save a bundle on your heating costs (plus cooling costs in the summer!) and get your home insulated properly. To request a free consultation from RetroFoam of Southwest Michigan, give us a call at (269) 751-2000.