Benefits of Foam Insulation: More Than Just Heat Loss

by | Oct 26, 2017

Everyone knows that insulation is what keeps houses cool in summer and warm in winter, and what allows you to go to bed in a nice warm room and not worry about waking up in the freezing cold! Most homeowners also understand that good insulation can save them hundreds of dollars on yearly heating and cooling bills, because they won’t need to run their heater or A/C as long or as often. We’ve written about these topics extensively in our blog—we encourage you to read them if you’re curious to learn more!

However, would it surprise you to know that heat transfer is just one of several benefits that foam insulation can offer for a home? These “little known” advantages don’t get as much publicity, but they can make a real contribution to your comfort and happiness! Here are a few of the big ones:

  • Acoustic dampening. Foam insulation reduces noise pollution between the house and the outside world, and between internal rooms. For the RetroFoam product, this acoustic barrier can cause a 45-50 dB reduction in ambient noise.
  • Seals against mold and water damage. When properly installed, closed cell foam insulation protects your home from water seepage, vapors, mold, and other elements that can damage your home and pose health hazards for your family.
  • Resists pests. When your wall cavities are sealed up with foam insulation, it’s much more difficult for infestations of termites and other insects, and nearly impossible for rodents or other small mammals to invade. This is in sharp contrast with fiberglass, which can even become a burrow of sorts for varmints.
  • Reduces air infiltration. No insulation is 100% secure against the transfer of air between the home and the outside. However, foam does this much better than fiberglass and other types of insulation. Reduced air infiltration means less dust, pollen, and other allergens or contaminants leaking into your home.
  • Improves structural integrity of your home. This one is crazy, but true! Because foam insulation hardens into a lightweight solid component, it actually makes your walls stronger and more rigid. Closed cell foam insulation can increase the structural integrity of the wall by a factor of 10!
  • Environmental friendliness. Good foam insulation will not only reduce your energy use, but your carbon emissions, too. That lowers your overall environmental impact and helps keep the earth happier and healthier.

If West Michigan’s falling temperatures are making you shiver—whether literally or just in anticipation of what’s to come—call RetroFoam today for a free estimate. We can retrofit most existing homes with foam insulation within a day, without requiring you to rip out any walls or perform any costly repairs or remodeling. You can reach us at (269) 751-2000.