About Us

Bob Hafler, owner (president) of RetroFoam™ of Southwest Michigan LLC, has been doing Retrofoam Insulation since 2005. Specializing in insulating existing homes, we offer a complete home package deal by expanding to insulate out buildings and pole barns as well.

Bob started with his own home, making it more efficient. By insulating it better than what was done when it was built, he is saving money on his heating and cooling.

Bob enjoys talking to new customers to make sure he treats their insulation project like its his own, and just because we are a small business, we like to always make sure and say “Go with Experience & Quality, the real ‘McCoy’ — RetroFoam™ of Southwest Michigan, LLC.”

Watch the whole RetroFoam™ story, and see how you can improve your home’s comfort and efficiency.

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The RetroFoam™ Vision:

For every American to have a warmer /cooler, dryer, healthier, more energy efficient home.

The RetroFoam™ Mission:

Your RetroFoam™ of Southwest Michigan, LLC dealer is a team of highly dedicated, trained installers who are passionate, reliable, committed professionals. We will work to make sure that everyone who is associated with RetroFoam™ will benefit through our association.We are in the business of transforming homes through the delivery of world leading products. And educating our customers on the benefits of our services.

Our products and service will be of the highest quality and delivered in a professional and friendly manner. Our customers worldwide will be able to understand and enjoy the benefits of a warmer/cooler, dryer, healthier environment in their transformed homes.RetroFoam’s uniqueness is innovative technology that has been created over a period of 35 years of practical experience in the marketplace. The results deliver cost-efficient insulation solutions to homes worldwide.

PolyMaster®’s Company History

PolyMaster® provides foam insulation for every application. Read about RetroFoam’s parent company below, or for more information, visit polymaster.com.


Polymaster starts business as a manufacturer of foam insulation, introducing a new low-formaldehyde product for residential applications.


Steve Sayers purchases Polymaster Inc. and continues to serve as its president and CEO. Polymaster also offers its first commercial product R501, a foam that is sprayed into masonry block. Architects around the country start to specify R501 for major commercial applications.


Polymaster takes the technical lead in the insulation industry, helping to establish independent R-value testing for various insulation options. Polymaster’s foam R-values set standards in the industry.


Polymaster introduces Incylthane, a polyurethane foam sprayed into walls to fill the wythe cavity between masonry blocks and outside walls. Incylthane was one of the first polyurethane foam products on the market to be “zero ODP” (Ozone Depletion Potential).


Polymaster’s dealer base reaches 172 worldwide.


Polymaster creates a premium residential foam product — RetroFoam — a foam insulation injected into the wall cavity of existing homes.


Polymaster inaugurates the 21st Century Installation to expand its residential insulation options to sprayed-on cellulose.

Here Are a Few of Our Happy Customers...

We were previously troubled by mold in the bedrooms of one particular side of the house. But since the insulation there has been no sign of dampness. The overall temperature of the house remains more constant and the heat from the winter sun is not lost immediately at sunset.

Claude C.

I love RetroFoam™! We’re saving 40% a month on our heating bill! Our home is a renovated farmhouse built in the 1940’s. You could honestly hear the Northern Ohio winds hiss through the walls. Now our house is comfortable to sit in year round and there are no more drafts.

Laura & Rod B.

The house is so much more quiet and easier to heat. We don’t have the drafts we used to have. The RetroFoam™ dealer left my home cleaner than before.      

Dacia S.

Since we had RetroFoam™ installed we noticed the house is much more comfortable. We used to notice the windy days, but now our home is very quiet. We have a bump-out area in the dining room where the floors were always cold, but now we can walk by our bay window in bare feet and the floor is toasty warm.      

Matt R.